Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Day - Just Another Day

Pay particular attention to the P.S. statement at the bottom of the letter... :)

So this week has been pretty good. We got slammed with some intense grammar stuff in Bulgarian so that's made it kind of a long week for me... but I'll get it someday hopefully! I can't believe I leave here in less than a month! AH!! I feel so not ready seeing as I feel like I know nothing with the language, but it will come I know. We hear from the sisters in Bulgaria right now a lot and that's way nice to know what's goign on there and get advice on what to bring and what not to bring. They are awesome and they will all be our trainers so that's fun to get to know them a bit! Well anyway, GUESS WHAT!!? Today I was in the temple and after we were finished we were going downstairs to get some breakfast at the temple (because its about 10 times better than this MTC FOOD!!) and as I turned the corner.,.. BAM! Guess who I run into!? Sana and Sho Sho! Ha ha they volunteer at the temple on Tuesday to do laundry stuff! ah it was so great to see them! Seriously it made my week! ha they are the best! It was so crazy and my heart like wouldn't stop pounding because it was so weird to see them RIGHT THERE!! IN THE FLESH!! Both of them! :) deeh it was great! I just love them! I was very excited!! They are the best and my companions all just adored them! I mean really who couldn't!? But yes we were all so happy to see them and be with them.. oh and I'm pretty sure they convinced all the Russian Sisters to go to Africa when they get back from their missions! ha ha it was so CUTE!!

So yes that's my exciting news of the week... it's been an intersting week. I just love it here even through the good and the bad. i realized what a beautiful blessing it is to be able to change the lives and touch the hearts of my brothers and sisters in Bulgaria. It is an incredible feeling to know that i can completely forget myself and for the normal worries and cares of life and really dedicate my whole self to God. He gave me my life and now I have the incredible opportunity to give a little bit of it back to Him. I seriously have learned so much here. I knwo that if I were tog o home today, I would forever be changed. I'm a new person today than I was before. This experience has touched my heart in ways that I can never deny. But even now I know this experience is for God's Children. I could never leave because i know I'm meant to help those people, though I'm sure they will help me even more. I feel so blessed to be here and to experience all these things. It's so GREAT!!! :) :)

Well anyway, I hope you know how much I love you and miss you! I've been thinking about you often and pray for you every night! How was your New years? Mine was... just like any other day!! ha ha but that's okay the days are all great so mine was GREAT! Well I'm almost out of time and those red blinking numbers are warning me that I better get off! Sorry this is kinda short, but I love you still the same!!!!!

Sister Child :)

PS... The letters and packages have been kind of lacking this week.. you may want to pick that up a bit! :) ha ha jk................................. but not really ;) ha LOVE YOU!!


Did you pay particular to the P.S. statement? A quick DEAR ELDER letter can fix that problem. If you're not tech savvy and prefer the old fashioned hand written letter, that would be great too! Trust me, a short letter will make her day, if not, her whole week! If you write the letter and just are too busy (or even too lazy) to mail it - tell me. I will come get it, put it in an envelope, stamp it, and mail it. :) And she will love YOU!

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