Thursday, December 30, 2010

MTC Christmas

Caralee's first Christmas away from home... I don't think there could be a better place to celebrate Christmas than the MTC! I really, really wish I were there for Christmas. She got to hear so many great talks from people who I consider to be very inspiring! It must have been awesome.

Okay so I don't have a lot of time today, so todays email may be short. Here it goes. To start off... MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope it was great! I missed you all during it, but Christmas here was great! It was completely focused on Christ and that was an incredible feeling! We had Elder Nelson and his wife come and talk with us and it was great! They stayed all the way until Sunday too and spoke to us in Relief Society and Priesthood as well. It was awesome! I got to meet and HUG Sheri Dew and Sister Wendy Nelson! hee hee it was great! I just feel so special!! Anyway, Christmas here was fun. I went caroling at 630 in the morning with CHristeen and some other girls (I know, who would think I could have fun singing at 630 in the morning!! Crazy!) But I did and it was great! Then my roommates and I had our own little mini Christmas opening gifts and such before devotionals. We were in devotionals and talent shows and Christmas Carol plays all day but it was great! I had my own little mini family with me here at the MTC and Christmas took on a whole new meaning for me this year. What a blessing it's been to spend the holidays in the MTC.

We had some cool talks this week... (well we always have AMAZING talks!) One hit me when they were talking about our mission and how my life isn't about me anymore. It's about the people I am serving. Those people in Bulgaria are the ones that matter. I know that they are just waiting for something more and I can't wait to get out there and touch the hearts of those people. I'm learning to love them so much and I don't even know them. It's been such a blessing to really come to the realization that I can completely let go of myself and serve those people with all my heart. I LOVE IT!

So.. news of the week.. I have just been made the new coordinating sister! Woot! I'm in charge of all the sisters in my zone. It's really fun! They are so great and we are getting more sisters tomorrow! I feel totally inadequate to do this but I figure I'll probably feel that way for most of my mission. It's funnny because I'm suddenly the oldest one here and the one leading others when I feel like I just got here and still need the help of everyone else! I stilll want someone to lead me by the hand and suddenly I'm the one leading others! It's great though! I know I will love doing it! It's such a blessing!

We had SO MANY people leave yesterday! Almost all of my friends that I know here at the MTC left, including CHristeen. It's weird to have her gone! It's weird to have all of them gone. The Polish Missionaries that we were way close to and were in our room left as well. Our zone feels so different now and I miss them but I am so excited for them to go! They are going to be so great!!

Okay funny story.. so there is no fridges in our room and I like to get extra cereal and eat it in the mornings instead of going to the cafe. SO I made my own fridge! I taped my milk outside the window so it would stay cold! ha it looks hilarious and I may get in trouble but I thought it was genius and it totally works! I have a fridge now yay!!
Anyway, I'm out of time :( but I love you and I miss you and I hope you have a happy new year!! until next week!..

Sister CHild

ps.. I think I need to start cutting my nails...

Hahaha. I like the p.s. part :) Caralee told me she has to teach the first discussion in Bulgarian in front of her whole class this coming week. I know she will do great, but she is SUPER nervous. So pray for her! I can't believe she is now teaching and leading the MTC newbies!! That is sooo cool!

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