Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The First Letter

Cara has had time to write a few letters while at the MTC. However, the first week she didn't have a P day, so this is her first e-mail. I know a lot of you are getting her e-mails forwarded to you, well here it is again. :) I am so dang proud of that girl! Enjoy.

MEOW!!!!! Just had to get one more of those in there while I can! I haven't been meowing too much lately! (okay I take that back i really have hee hee hee) Alright so here is the letter for the week!! it's really intimidating to try and remember everything I wanted to tell you in the email while there are these big RED numbers counting down the time I have left on the computer but I will do my best!!

So this week has been great! It has felt more like a month than a week, but I think time will start speeding up soon. I can tell you basically everything I do here in the MTC: eat, then class, then eat, then class... oh and then eat!! oh and more class! ha ha it's great!! I can't believe how much information they give you in one day, but the awesome thing is when you realize that you are acutally understanding it all!! I love class here. The Bulgarian is coming along... ish. It's such a crazy language with so many grammer rules and crazy exceptions and a simple little word suddenly turns into like 20 letters! i seriously have to make up some kind of crazy story for every single word I memorize! That's a lot of stories! I love it though.

My companion is so fun! I absolutely adore her! The other two sisters in my district are way fun too and the four of us are always together. It makes it really fun! I've seen quite a few of my friends here either from BYUH or high school.. or any other random place. It's been really fun! I guess you heard that Gentry is leaving tomorrow for the Peru MTC!! I'm way exited for her!! Christeen (mm.. I mean Sister Collins ;) ) and I went to go visit her and get some pics with her before she left. I see Christeen a lot because she lives right by me so that makes it really fun!!
So the MTC at Christmas time is seriously so fun! it's so amazing to have my whole Christmas season and everything I do completely centered on Christ. Christmas suddenly takes on such a different meaning to me. We've had some neat devotionals on Christmas and I just love it! I also LOVE singing the Christmas hymns in Bulgarian everyday! ha ha it sounds so funny!

Okay to answer some of your questions: yes I got the packages and I LOVED THEM!! Thanks so much for the cute little christmas package with all the little gifts in it! That was so fun!! I can't wait to open them all and see what I GOT! ha ha I am sleeping pretty well here. By the time bedtime comes I am usually so tired that I just fall right asleep so no worries there! Glad to hear the news on my class assignment! Although I had kind of forgotten about that class while I was here! ha ha It's cool how you completely forget everything else in the world while you are here and the only thing that matters is the gospel. Oh my hip is doing a little better... it's a miracle! It's starting getting better instead of worse so that is a HUGE blessing!!

Okay so I'm running out of time and can't remember everything that I wanted to say, but I will do better in my next email I promise!! I love getting the Dear Elders while I'm here in the MTC so if you want to write me those instead of emails that would probably work better because then I would have time to write more and I could read the letters during the week!!

Oh how did the event for Thomas go on Saturday? I was thinking about it all day and praying that it would be a success! I hope everything went well and I won't mind if you want to send me some pics from the event ;) hint hint!! deeh!! Oh and while you are sending the pictures you could send me a scrabble game as well! I have a brilliant plan for it!! I'll tell you later! teeh hee hee so GREAT!! Oh by the way you can't call me on Christmas... the last day to send packages is the 22nd and I LOVE YOU!! I'm out of time but I will write you some personal letters today too!!!


Sister Child

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