Friday, December 24, 2010

Dear 'Sister'


Tired of licking stamps and making trips to the post office? Come to and send letters to your missionary in the Provo MTC, or any pouch mission in the world at the click of a button for FREE! Write missionaries in any other mission for just the price of stamp, whether your missionary is in the United States, Canada, or abroad. Click Here To Learn More about FREE Same-Day MTC Letter Delivery!

Mom's and missionaries rave about DearElder's Free same-day letter delivery to the Provo MTC.

How it works:
1. On the home page click the link labeled "Provo MTC (FREE)'
2. Enter your missionary's mailbox information
3. Type a letter just like an email
4. As long as your letter is submitted by 12:00 pm Noon (MST) Mon - Fri will deliver it to the MTC the very same day for FREE! Letters submitted after 12:00 pm will be delivered the following business day.
Click Here to Send a Letter Now.
This is SOOOOO easy. It does not take long at all. So every time you get on the computer to check facebook or whatever it is that you do... take 60 seconds to write Caralee. It doesn't have to be long, she would love to hear anything from anyone. So BAM BABY! Now you have no excuses NOT to write her.

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