Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Horse...?!!?!

Christmas time in the MTC sounds like so much fun! I am quiet jealous. I think for some people it takes some time to transition from regular life to missionary life. From all of Cara's letters it sounds like she has been so prepared for this and is doing great in the MTC. She was sooo excited to go and I can't believe she's already been gone for THREE weeks!

Hello Hello Hello Fam!!

So this has been a pretty good week! Can you believe it's p-day already?? Time is going by faster and faster. Last P-day I had a tramatizing experience! Okay not really.. The elders told us we had to go "sign some medical papers" in the clinic so we went there and it turns out "signing papers" is really drawing your blood! Grunt. My last experience drawing blood resulting in a bunch of bruises and an attempting to take the blood out of my wrist so I passed out. So embarrassing. So this time I was scared to get it drawn! The lady gave me a stuffed animal to cuddle with while she did it and I felt much better ha ha The nurse who did it was skilled though and there were no problems! Whoo! I was happy!

Alright so new discoveries of the week: Found out the other day that my companion from Switzerland eats HORSE!!!! WHAT! I about died when she told me that! I mean I knew people did.. but my own companion!!! ah I couldn't believe it!! Also, I found out the other girl in our district... sister Kinkead sleeps with her eyes open.. you think she's listening to you the whole time you talk to her and then when she doesn't respond you get all offended.. come to find out she's been asleep the whole time! Slightly creepy.. Anyway, This week we got around 600 new missionaries and it is so FULL! We have 24 new missionaries in my branch and one of which is my friend Mike Tensmyer! I was so excited! He's one of my really close friends from BYUH. I've seen at least 20 people I know from high school or college here. It's crazy but it's so fun to see them all too!!

So anyway, I've also discovered what an INSANE country Bulgaria is! We hear so many crazy stories about Bulgaria from my teachers... I'm way excited to get there!! (Don't worry ma, I'll be safe!) Everything they do there is backwards and its just bizarre!! The Mafia runs the place too! ha Can't wait!! So this week we were playing a game against our teacher and if we lost we had to speak in Bulgarian all day long (which is so HARD) but if we won then he had to bring us in a Christmas tree and lights to decorate the room and have it all decorated before we got in there on Monday morning. So.. WE WON!! It was awesome! He was so confident we would lose and so he had to decorate the room! I love it! It feels so much like Christmas now! We also decorated our residence with all the presents for Christmas and stockings and such! LOVE IT! It's snowed a TON so Christmas really is on the way! I love the snow! On p-days I'm allowed to wear my flipflops so of course I'm wearing them all day in the snow ;) DEEH!

Hey mom, did you watch music and the spoken word on Sunday?? Your most FAVORITE person David Archuleta was a guest on there. I figured you be in the front row with tears in your eyes watching him sing :) hee hee Oh by the way dad.. if you haven't already made my plaque... I realized I never answered your question of what scripture to put on there. I want D and C 18:15.. slightly different then the other one but not by much. Anyway, if you already did it don't worry about it!

So... I can't remember what else I was going to write. I'm quite happy here! My roommates all ROCK and me and my companion have so much fun together! Sue sent me this Flarp stuff that makes farting noises and we did it to our teachers in the classroom when we were all cirlced around about to sing.. oh man it was classic! My whole district loves that stuff and plays with it all the time now. Ha ha it was great! After our teacher appointments on Thursdays (which is like the big test of the week and kinda ... or really stressful!!) we always go play games with all the Polish missionaries in our zone. We play ninja destruction which is a game my friends and I used to always play and it's way fun!! The Poles (polish missionaries) are leaving next week and I'm SO sad! They are so much fun! We are really going to miss them! It's always been the Poles and Bulgs hanging out all the time! ha ha

Well I guess that's it for now. Things here are going great. The language.. is coming I hope! It's really hard but I still try! I do enjoy learning it though! I hope you all have the best Christmas and know how much I love you!! Christmas this year means so much more to me now. It's incredible! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!! MEOW!!!


Sister Child

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