Saturday, January 29, 2011


I teared up a little when I saw these pictures. Aren't they so sweet? Sue has got the connections. Here is Cara on her way to the Temple with her cute companion, Sister Pantigoso. Sue knew about the time to expect Cara and her and Vicki waited in the parking lot for her. Cara had no idea she had some stalkers in the temple parking lot. She was totally shocked! Best. Surprise. Eva. Sue told me that Cara is both excited and stressed about this upcoming week. Can you guys believe she is actually leaving to Bulgaria?! But best news of all, she is the same old Cara. I love her. Thank you Sue and Vicki for these pictures! It made my week.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

T-Minus 5

I have experienced more mixed emotions anticipating February 2nd than I did anticipating December 1st. I'm not saying December 1st was easy, but seriously, Cara's been in PROVO, UTAH for the past 9 weeks. That's just down the street! There was some comfort when she left December 1st knowing that I knew exactly where she was going. I mean, it's no secret where the MTC is located. I've had friends and family in the MTC so I had an idea of what she would be doing on a daily basis there. I know communication would be slooow but I have the hook-ups to know the phone numbers where I could contact her immediatly. Which I know would be wrong, so I haven't. (Yet, anyways... I'm trying to practice self-control here but she still has 5 days left!)

Preparing for February 2nd has been so much harder. It's not like my life is going to change anymore from what it did when she left 8 weeks ago. However, knowing that she'll be an ocean away for the next 16 months is hard to come to terms with. She is leaving to B-U-L-G-A-R-I-A! I do not have hook-ups in Bulgaria where I can get a number to contact her immediatly. (Although, I won't rest until I have a number. ;)) I don't know exactly how long it takes to travel to Bulgaria, but I know it is much MUCH more than 60 minutes. And I haven't the slightest idea what she'll be experiencing in Bulgaria. Heck, I don't even know what the eat there!

But I have no doubt that is where she is suppose to be. Where she NEEDS to be. I've had her for 21 years... I think I'll manage the next 16 months without her. But I will want her back! So treat her well, Bulgaria - you only have 16 months. ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

MTC Christmas Pictures

I love her letters but it is SOOO much fun to see pictures of the people she meets and spends time with in the MTC. She looks so dang happy in all of these photos!! I love her and miss her so much. Everytime she mails some pictures back home it makes it a little more bearable to live without her here. As I look through these pictures and read her letters it just reinforces my belief that she is where she needs to be and is doing what she is suppose to. I love her. Here are some 70+ pictures for your enjoyment! :)
Cara ran into some of her friends from BYUH.

Caralee said, "Personal study is very effective! ;)"

Friends from BYUH.

How the Sisters iron their clothes.

Cutest companions ever.
I'm sure Sister Pantigoso and Caralee get along JUST fine.
I would recognize that box in the background from anywhere. Best. Store. Ever.

I really love this picture.. mainly the bright red leaves that stick out. :)

Sister Christeen Collins leaving the MTC for INDONESIA!!

Saying farewell to Sister Collins as she departs the MTC.


That is the Cara we all know and love!

They won a bet against the teacher, so he had to decorate the room with Christmas lights. :)