Saturday, January 22, 2011

DEEH!! :)


So can you believe this is email number 7! Woo! I leave in two weeks and I"M SO EXCITED!!!!! AHH!!! I can't wait! It's going to be SO great!! Anyway, This week has been pretty good. Sister Pantigoso and I taught our second lesson in all Bulgarian on Thursday... it went pretty well... well as good as can be expected! ha ha But I can feel the language coming slowly so that is encouraging! I'm loving learning it and although I know I won't be able to understand one word anyone says to me over there I still can't wait to go! The language will come eventually! We were supposed to be Hosts this week for the new missionaries but Sister Pantigoso wasn't feeling very well so we didn't end up going, but the rest of our district did. I'm sure you are all wondering how Sister Pantigoso is doing with her health. Well we went in on Friday and got a test done on her gallbladder to see what percentage it is functioning at and it turns out her gallbladder is fine!! The doctor says there is nothing wrong with it according to this test so they don't really know what it is. So we are back to square one. She is now going to all sorts of doctors to try and figure out what it is... she may have to stay behind for a bit until they figure it out because they won't send her out there until she in healthy. She's pretty bummed but she has a really good attitude about it. I know we are going to figure it out and we will get her off to Bulgaria! Even if she has to stay behind for a week or so, she'll be okay. She'll make it out there. Our second counselor's wife, Sister Gale, has been helping us out with all of this. She is a huge support to all of us and we all love her so much! She acts as my companion when sister pantigoso is in with the doctor and she's comes to visit multiple times a week to see how we are doing and bring needed supplies. She's the best!!

So funny story: a few nights ago, Sister Pantigoso was feeling really sick and the pain in her stomach was so bad! She had left her medicine in the classroom and I knew she wouldn't be able to sleep that night. So... I gave her an ambien. Ha I only gave her a half, but oh man she was so LOOPY!! Ha ha it was so funny! She was going off in Bulgarian/french/spanish/ enlglish all night! And she thought every thing was so funny! Let's just say it was quite the entertaining night for us!!

So on Saturday for some reason my teacher thought it would be a good idea to teach us every vocab word that went with the second lesson we would have to teach. There is alot of vocab to learn for that lesson. In one afternoon he taught us 100 vocab words. He gave us 15 minutes to memorize it all and then quizzed us on all of it! My brain was fried!! but I was really surprised with how much I could memorize when I concentrated that hard and worked so hard to do it! I'm still working on retaining all of that information, but it was really neat! Since then I've gotten about 80 more words to memorize but it's all good! I'll get it! ha ha

So wanna hear the BEST PART OF THE WEEK!!!! ahh!!! okay I'll tell you.. ELDER HOLLAND CAME AND SPOKE TO US ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so so so so very happy! He is by far my FAVORITE speaker and seriously his talk was so good!! ah It made my whole week and really made me realize some things about my mission. He is an incredible speaker and I am so grateful I got to hear him. I was sercretly hoping he would come speak to us the entire time I've been here! I love it here! This has been an incredible experience! It's interesting to look back on all the experiences I've had in such a short amount of time and see how they have affected me. Often times the experiences and lessons I learn here on the mission are so vital and close to my hear that I cannot find the words to express them. These things become engraven in my heart, but no words could adequately express what those engraven thigns are, only actions. I feel as though these things that are being placed in my heart have the potential, if I let them, to stay there forever. To affect my actions in my life forever. I know this experience will be one that changes my heart forever. I know that because It already has. I pray that I will forever hold those things close to tmy heart, that They may always be the foundation for who I am, What I do and the disciple of Christ I become. I am so grateful to have these experiences to lead me to know Christ better than I've ever known Him before.

Well I'm out of time but I love you and miss you! Have a great week!

Sister Child!

PS Mom and dad you are getting 3 letters, a package, and an email this week! I know I"ve really outdone myself! :)

That package was another set of pictures!!! Which are currently in the process of being scanned... check back later for MORE pictures :)

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