Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ER Visit

Hey Hey Family!

So this week has been kinda crazy!! I hope I get to tell about it all. The computer is FREAKING out today so I have very little time. Anyway, this week has been stressful with the language stuff and I think our bodies are feeling it because everyone in my district has been sick this week including me. So we've spent lots of time resting during gym and such to try to get better. Well on Saturday afternoon my companion starting complaining about her stomach hurting her in the lower right side... It kept hurting for a couple of hours and so I thought it might be her appendix, so I took her to the front desk and they said we had to go to insta-care because the clinic was closed. So they took us to the Provo insta-care (yes that's right I got to venture out into THE REAL WORLD!!! WOOT!!! It was kinda weird!!! ) So anyway, they made us wait forever and took blood and urine tests and then after sitting there for an hour or two they decided that her blood test showed signs of appendicitus (spelling? meh..) anyway, so they sent us straight to the ER. They took more blood at the ER (poor girl) and the doctor eventually decided that it wasn't her appendix but actually her gallbladder!! So he sent us down to get an ultrasound to see if she had gallstones. We wheeled her down in her bed and they did the ultrasound. By this point it was about 10 pm and our branch president had shown up because he heard she was in the ER. While we were waiting for the results from the US our branch president was giving us an entire lesson on the Old Testament and quizzing our knowledge (ha ha that's so like him! He's hilarious! I think he likes to quiz missionaries and watch them squirm when they don't know the answer! ha he's an awesome guy! I love him!) So anyway the doctor finally came back and said there was a miscommunication and they tookt he US of the wrong spot so she'd have to go down and get another one! ha so we went down again and got another and then waited another 45 minutes or so for those results. Well it finally came back and she has no gallstones but her gallbladder doesn't work properly so it's hard for her body to digest fatty foods which causes her that pain.

So anyway, we are goign to the doctor again today to find out exactly what to do about it so I'll keep you updated. Anyway, afterwards it's about 11 pm and we are finally ready to go. She was dressed and walking around and we sat there waiting for the nurse to come in to take out her IV. She was completely fine! The three of us were in there talking and I turn to ask her a question and she starts swaying back and forth and doesn't answer. I thought "oh no she's gonna pass out!!" and then SHE DID!! It was good thing President Cherrington was close enough to push her onto the bed when she fell or else she would have fallen right on the tile! ( I know I"m a horrible companion! I don't even catch her when she passes out!!) SO anyway then Presdient Cherrington and I are both just kinda standing there on either side of her with a thousand things running through our heads! (when you are in those kind of situations you're so freaked out that so many things that you shoudl do just go rinning through your mind and its so hard to pick which one to do, so you just kinda stand there with this suprised look on your face. Well that's exactly what President CHerrington and I did. Then someone walked passed and saw her and called for help. The nurses ran in, pumped a liter of fluid through her IV, put her feet in the air,etc. Well she woke up and just started laughing because she thought it was SO FUNNY that she had passed out! Ha ha she's so cute! WEll anyway we were there for quite a bit longer after that and we finally got back around 1 am. The president took us home. She's been in pain the last few days still but hopefully we can fingure out a good solution today. So I will keep you all updated on how she is doing. She's a good sport about it all though!!

Well that was the most eventful part of the week. It's been kinda insane and I can't believe I leave 3 weeks from today to BULGARIA!! ah half of me is SO EXCITED!! and the other really scared! ha ha but It'll be good! I did have an epic battle last night with Sister Kinkead. We needed to let out some stress I think and we got into a little marker fight with each of us in one corner of the room and then we battled! ha it was great! (dont' judge :) ) Anyway, that's about it for this week. I'm out of time but I LOVE YOU!!!! Have a fabulous week and I hope all is well. I'll be sending some pictures in the mail this week so look for them!!

Sister Child

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