Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Women Month

Hello Family!

SO I promised to update you on some things this week because my email was so bunk last week!! Sorry about that! I'm trying to do better with managing my email time here.. it's difficult though. I'll do my best. So things here are going great. The weather is... crazy. It reminds me of Utah weather actually! This guy we were teaching the other day told us that Bulgarians call March the women month because it's so up and down with being cold and hot randomly all the time! You never know if it's going to be happy and good or horrible! ha ha It's true! Some days it's like in the negatives and other days it's almost warm... almost...... I LOVE the warm days and I can't wait until summer here! I heard Varna is BEAUTIFUL in the summer and i can't wait to see it! and I really can't wait to see the Black Sea in the summer....and people get baptized in the Black Sea in the summer and I REALLY can't wait to see that happen! ha ha anyway, last week I mentioned a funny story about a gypsy lady... so one day we were walking to the church just minding our own business and as we were crossing the street this lady literally comes out of NOWHERE!! and starts yelling at us... We couldn't understand a word she said because I was pretty sure it was all in Turkish .. she was mostly just yelling at Sis. Loss and like threatening to hit her with her bag. Sis. Loss tried talking to her and she smacked her across the face with her bag and walked away still yelling. It was the WEIRDEST thing ever. It's hard to identify us as missionaries because we blend in a lot more than the elders do but I don't know what her problem was.. maybe it was because we were missionaries. Anyway, kind of a crazy experience. But we are all good! so no worries!! We had a good experience yesterday.. we went out tracting last night and good things always happen when you go tracting on fast sundays! ha ha We knocked on one door and the lady was not really interested and then the next door we knocked on was this lady whom we had ran into on the bus like 3 weeks ago. She had come up to us on the bus and asked what church we were from. We gave her a pamphlet and told her some information but we only have 1 minute because we had to get off the bus. Well.. this just happen to be the apartment of that same lady!! It was nuts!! She recognized us right off the bat, but neither of us recognized her. She let us in and fed us dinner and we got to sit and talk with her and her family for and hour. It was really neat! She is Provaslav (The main religion here- mostly just because of tradition) and says she will never change but wants to know more about our church anyway. It was really cool to be able to meet with her. It's cool being out on a mission. I was just thinking the other day how being on a mission really helps me to realize all the little miracles that God blesses me with everyday. It's funny because I think back and I know he was always blessing me with those miracles my whole life, but I just never saw them all. Being here I really can see these miracles now and I am so grateful for that. I know that God blessed everyone with so many little miracles everyday, we just have to open our eyes wide enough to see them all. Anyway, yesterday we spent the day in Pervadia... I don't know if I told you about that city but it's tiny and we have about 4 members there that actually go. We combined it with another city called Shoeman so now we have about 7 people that actually come! ha ha but the missionaries still have to do everything for the church.. give the talks, play the piano, say the prayers, pass the sacrament. Everything ha ha it's kinda funny but makes you grateful for those big wards back home!! The members there are really cool though and we meet with some less actives out there every week and I just adore them! Let's see what else is new... um... my mission president is pretty awesome!! We had a zone conference a couple of weeks ago and it was really good! He is super chill and a really funny guy! ha ha His AP, Elder Truman, was wearing some jeans with like tiny little holes in the leg on p-day when he came in to get ready for zone conference and president roth saw him and said "look at my AP" and stuck his finger into one of the holes and ripped his whole pant leg all the way down!! ha ha it was so funny! We were just dying the poor elder Truman had to try to hold his pants up as he walked home to change.. ha ha President Roth is awesome!! Oh and you were asking about Rodka's brother. Things are about the same still. That one lesson was the best we've had so far. He will come sit in with the lessons sometimes and other times he won't but I really like that we are able to get the missionaries to be friends with him. We are going to go bowling with them sometime and just really try to get him involved with the missionaries and see that we are actually normal people!! ha ha We meet with Rodka once a week though and we'll just see how things go there. Rodka is a new member too. She got baptized in October but she is incredible! She comes with us as we teach people and it's really nice to have her there! We are teaching a new girl named Nelie that we met tracting and she is incredible! We are bringing Rodka to meet her on Tuesday because I know they would get along so well! We'll see what happens! Anyway, once again I am out of email time but I think I did a lot better this week eh fam?? ha ha well I love you tons!! MEOW!!


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