Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flip-flops and Sunshine :)

Hello family!

Okay so I heard about the giant earthquake that hit Japan and I was really worried about Nicole so I'm glad you updated me on all of that today. What's going to happen with all of that? Are they taking the missionaries out of the country or leaving them in there? Did Nicole get hurt at all? What a scary experience for her!! Update me on EVERYTHING okay?? Is there a Tsunami headed towards Hawaii and California now? I heard there was... I need you to update me on all of that because I am a little out of the loop here.

Anyway, this week has been pretty good. The best news is... SPRING IS HERE!!! YAY!! It's finally warm here and it makes me so happy!! In fact, I'M WEARING FLIPFLOPS TODAY!!!! BAh ha ha ha so brilliant! Makes me really happy! So yes things are great now that it's warm :) Also, other grand news is... one of our investigators Diana has decided that she wants to be baptized! yay!! She is awesome! We weren't able to meet with her for a while because she was having some health problems but she is okay now and is meeting with us and is wanting to get baptized. We set the date for April 2nd and she thinks she will be ready by then and I think so too. I adore her. It's funny though because she doesn't really speak english and I don't really speak Bulgarian, but we still love each other. I'll keep you updated on her.

So I forgot my planner today which had what I wanted to say in my email on it so this might be short email cause I can't remember everything that has happened this week. We have another investigator that we found tracting a while ago. Her name is Neli. She is really really sweet! Radka (the one who's brother we were teaching) came with us to a lesson and they were instant friends. We knew they would be! I feel really good about Neli and she is so so open to the things that we are teaching her. Radka's brother hasn't been willing to sit in on any more lessons, but we still come every week and teach Rodka and hopefully he listens to some of it. He usually sits on his computer, but in the same room as us so who knows if he's getting anything out of it. He's a way cool guy though and I think it's good for him to be friends with the missionaries. We were going to go bowling with him and Rodka today and some of the other elders to get him to know more of us but it fell through so hopefully someday...

Other news.....uh.....this transfer is almost over and I can't believe it!! It's gone by WAY fast and I can only imagine how fast things will keep going... I better learn Bulgarian soon! ha ha Yesterday Rodka told me that I speak really good Bulgarian! ha ha It was probably because I was saying the prayer and I'm really used to praying in Bulgarian, but other than that.. I can't really speak but none the less it still made me feel really good that she said that. There is some hope that I can learn this language! :)

Oh man, I fail. I can't remember what I wanted to write today so I will just end this before I run out of time! I love you all and hope everything is going well! Please let me know about Nicole this week okay? Tell her I say hi and I love her.

обичам те!!
сеcтра чаилд

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