Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Girl's Night

Hello hello family! Whew! I feel like I just need to take a deep breath before I start telling you about my week. It's been insane here! Things are going well though! After finding out about Diana last week, we met with Emona and we've been having lots of success with her. I then had to write a talk in BULGARIAN because I had to speak in sacrament meeting on Sunday :s but it wasn't too bad..... I might actually say... just perhaps... that the language is kind of,... kind of starting to click.. ish :) ha ha it's getting there Oh and that whole time we didn't have water or electricity in our apartment for some reason!! So we couldn't shower there or do the dishes or anything. We had to walk down the street to a cafe to use the bathroom and use the senior couples shower in the morning ha ha. I have no idea why it happen but it went on most of the week... our apartment was pretty gross! ha ha Anyway, then I had passport work to do in Sofia so we had to take the 7 hour bus ride into Sofia for all day monday and tuesday but it was really fun because all my groupies from the MTC were there and all the sisters in the country so we had a big sleepover with the sisters and it was really fun to see them all! Well we got to work again on Wednesday but had a lot of time and work to make up for with those two days in Sofia so we've been working hard all week. Emona is doing great! This girl is incredible! I just adore her. We've gotten really close really fast and she just loves the church! She comes to every activity and church every week. We met with her about 4 times this week and she wants to be baptized!! YAY! She is super excited! She has already almost finished the Book of Mormon in just two weeks and she just can't seem to get enough of it. I'm way excited for her. We set her date to be baptized for April 23rd. Now we just need to talk to her parents and get their permission to have her baptized since she is under 18. I'm kinda scared I'm not gonna lie. From what she says her parents are way chill and they don't care what she does, but I know that the biggest opposition always comes right before someone is going to be baptized. They know she is meeting with us, but we've never gotten a chance to meet them yet. We are going to this week. Please be praying for her!! Anyway, we also had a big zone conference this week and that was really good. Pres and Sister Roth came out and we met for most of the day. It's fun to see all the missionaries in our zone and the Roth's are awesome! I love them! I've been playing the hymns for church and all the missionary meetings and such so that's been a little stressful because I hate playing in front of people but it's getting better! I'm actually learning the hymns! ha ha Other than that things have been going great. Transfer calls are coming this week. I don't know if Joel will still be in my zone or not. It just depends but it would be really fun if we got to serve together again next transfer too! This transfer has been really fun! Let's see.. what else. I always forget all the things I want to say by the time I get here to write..... mmm..... well I can't remember. But grand news... I think I'm going to go play some soccer today!!!! YAY!! I'm so excited! I wanted to try to attach pictures to this email but I forgot the cord... grunt. I'm sorry! Next week I promise!! Love you!! MEOW!!! MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW!!! Love me

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