Saturday, April 16, 2011

Double The Luck

Here are 2 of her letters... :D ENJOY!

Okay so once again HELLO family!

So this week has been pretty great... we had transfer calls this week. Are you ready for it!!? Dun Dun Dun... ( okay sorry I just get bored) SO it turns out I am staying here in Varna and my new companion will be Sister Orr. Which is actually exactly what I predicted ha ha it's not too hard to predict where the sisters will be going here because there are so few of us, but anyway, I am really happy that I get to stay here in Varna because I LOVE IT!! and I'm super excited to be here for the summer because I hear that Varna is so so beautiful in the summer with the Black Sea and all of that. So It will be great! I am sad that this transfer is ending though. Sister Loss and I have had a lot of fun together!

Oh and mom you will be happy to know that Elder Racker will still be here in Varna with me as well. He is going to be serving as the Zone Leader still and has a new companion. His companion Elder Rose is going to Sofia with Sister Loss actually so our little group is being split up, but it's okay I'm sure next transfer will be lots of fun! They all leave tomorrow and Sister Orr will come in so wish me luck! ha ha jk I'm excited and still slightly nervous, but it will be great I'm sure!

Anyway, this week has been great with Emona, she is progressing really well and we got permission from her parents for her to be baptized!! yay!!! That was what I was so worried about and though I'm still a little worried because we didn't get to actually meet them in person, it's still progress. She is loving the church and is willing to make sacrifices and do whatever is asked of her. She is awesome. She is way way sad that Sister Loss is leaving though so I hope she handles it okay. Sometimes when missionaries leave it can be really hard on investigators so pray for her!!

So happy conference weekend!! I hope you all enjoyed it! I did... well kinda ha ha It was all in BULGARIAN so I really couldn't understand a single word of it because they spoke SO FAST!! I guess I will just have to wait for the Liahone to come out and I can just read all the talks.. but I'm sure they were all great :)

Wanna hear a funny story? So we got to the church yesterday all early and such like we're supposed to and as we were walking in, we stopped to talk to some peeps and then suddenly something white just drops out of the sky and lands right on me!!! can you guess what it was? yep that's right!! BIRD POOP!!! grunt. Luckily though it did NOT land on my head and only got on my skirt and jacket a bit so I was able to wash it off but it was still SICK!!! Radka told me that in Bulgaria if you get pooped on by a bird it means that something lucky will happen to you that day...... ha ha I don't believe it! Oh Bulgaria!

Well I must say I don't think yesterday was any more lucky for me than any other day, but I did get dinner for free so maybe that was it :) ha ha who knows. Anyway, if you get pooped on, just think of it as a good thing cause you'll have good luck! :S Bulgarians are SOO superstitious. it is hilarious! Remind me to tell you some of their superstitions someday cause you'll laugh.

Anyway, now for the biggest part of my email..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM AND RYAN!!!!!!! I know that I missed Ryan's by a few days and I'm a little early for Mom's but I hope this counts anyway, I love you both so much and hope you have the best day ever because you deserve it!!! I LOVE YOU!!

Well I gotta go but have a good week! I love you all Love Me


Well hello again!!

So to start off my email I thought I would share a fun little story.... so you remember how last week I told you about the dang bird pooping on me RIGHT as I was about to walk into the church!!? Yeah that was on Sunday... then on Monday as I was walking along that exact same sidewalk.... it happened AGAIN!! yes that's right. I got pooped on by another stinkin bird AGAIN!! Two days in a row! This time Elder Rose was standing right by me and got away scotch free!! Grunt. He was laughing so hard and thought it was so funny that I got pooped on AGAIN!!! grunt. those dang birds are out to get me! Luckily it missed my head again and skimmed right passed my face and landed on my shirt. ha ha it was so SICK!! I really really don't believe Rodka when she said that the whole being pooped on by a bird is good luck. It's not. When I told her that I got pooped on again she just laughed..... luckily Sister Loss had an extra shirt that I could change into but I was NOT happy! ha ha jk it was actually quite hilarious... kinda....

Anyway, this week was transfers week and I am here in Varna now with Sister Orr. She is so awesome I love her! She is like the complete opposite of Sister Loss and she's way chill. We are very similar in a lot of ways and we really have a lot of fun together! I think this is going to be a really fun transfer!! She is from Logan Utah and went to Utah State before... I thought you would like that parentals :) Anyway, I'm excited because we really get along so well. She also has been out for over a year and is really good at the language so I think she will be able to help me a lot with it this transfer. YAY! I might be able to communicate!

So we found another young girl that is interesting in learning about the gospel. She also is a genius and speaks english fluently! She barely even has an accent! ha ha Somehow I just keep finding all the english speaking investigators! :) ha ha but she is really cool and I am excited to start teaching her. Her name is Yanita and she rocks! We also got to teach Rodka again last night and this time her brother sat in on the lesson again. It was a really good lesson and I can see a little bit of progress with him. He is a way funny guy and it would be so awesome if we could start teaching him. We'll see!

So this week we went to visit this lady who Rodka saw get hit by a car! It was so sad but we shared a little message with her and played some music for her to try and cheer her up! Her name is Hadegda (not really sure how to spell it in English) anyway, it means hope in Bulgarian. She was really awesome but I felt so bad! The car hit her and drove away and then once they caught him all he has to do is pay a 100 lev fine!! I about died! They said because she's still alive that he doesn't have to do more than that! :S I don't know. Bulgaria nuts.

Anyway, Emona is doing well still. We still meet with her twice a week and so far her baptism is still on track. We are trying really hard to meet with her mom but it's hard. I'm praying everything will work out for her and her baptism. It's in less than two weeks and we are almost done teaching her everything so we're getting there! I hope it is warm enough by then too because then we can do her baptism in the Black Sea and that would just be beautiful! Well, things are going great for me here. The new district here is really fun and we have a new greenie here in our district so I'm no longer the greenie!! ha ha YAY!! I'm pretty excited about it!

Well I think that's about it! Oh except dad, when you mail me that lovely package full of goodies, cause I know you will :) will you also include a box of Funfetti cake mix? ha ha I'm really craving it!! ha ha okay oh and if you can send a football, will you send one of those small ones like I used to play with all the time!? hee hee thanks you ROCK!!

Love you!! Love Me

PS I PROMISE I am sending pictures TODAY!!!

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