Monday, April 18, 2011


Hello Family!

So the subject says meow in Bulgarian! ha ha I get bored ;) Anyway, this week has been..... very interesting. Kinda a tough week for me I'm not gonna lie, but things are still going well. I don't even know where to start with this week. Sister Orr and I have been getting along really well. I love her. She is so so much like me it's funny! We always wonder what President was thinking putting the two of us together because two of me.. well let's face it! Not a good combination! ha ha anyway, we have a lot of fun together! Emona is still doing really well. She had her baptismal interview on Saturday and she passed! yay! We announced her baptism on Sunday to everyone and now Sister Orr and I really need to get going on planning every little detail for her. I want it to be the most special day of her life so I'm going to make sure everything is perfect!! We really want to have her baptized in the Black Sea (setting up the font in the church is a HUGE pain and a big big mess so we would rather not do that!) but the weather has been a little chilly this week and I just don't know what's gonna happen. It's up to her though if she doesn't mind it being a little cold than we will go ahead and do it in the sea. I've always wanted to see someone baptized there because it is so beautiful! We'll see though. It's been really amazing to see her progress from the time I met her on the street until now. It's been an amazing journey and she is an incredible girl. I am so so excited for her and I can't wait to see where her life goes. She has a lot in front of her. I will send some pictures next week when I can. Did the pictures I sent last week work? I hope so!

So this week there was a baptism in Sofia and Sister Orr was one of the missionaries that taught the girl so we went to Sofia to go see it and Sister Orr spoke at it. There was a lot of miscommunication between President Roth and some missionaries and we weren't sure if we could go and if it would work out and drama drama... anyway, we ended up being able to go but we had to leave at 5 in the morning on Saturday so we could make it to the baptism on time with our fun 7 hour bus ride. The baptism was beautiful and it was really fun to see everyone. I was also able to meet with one of Alex Harris' friends that worked at Lagoon with her a few years ago. Alex had given me her number before and so I was able to meet with her since I was in Sofia on Saturday. I was really neat and she is a really sweet girl! She is actually from a city called Dobrich with is right next to Varna so she said she would come to Emona's baptism this weekend because she is going to be going home for the Easter holiday. I'm really excited for her to see it. Anyway, we went to church on Sunday in Sofia and then headed out that afternoon to get back here. We got home late last night and we are both thoroughly exhausted now! ha ha but it was good weekend.
So... I guess that's about it for this week.I hope everything is going well! I love you all!

Sister Child

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