Monday, March 21, 2011

Pray For Diana

Alright family!

So this computer has been kinda freaking out on me so I don't know if you will hear much from me this week but I will try my best. So this week has been a little crazy. First off, I spoke way too soon. It's cold again. Grunt. ha ha but it's okay hopefully it will warm up soon! They were right when they said that March weather is way up and down. Anyway, on to bigger news. We met with Diana (The one who was going to be baptized on April 2nd) on Saturday and she came in bawling. She was so upset she could barely talk. I guess she had talked with her children and they told her that if she was baptized they would no longer recognize her as their mother. They would disown her from the family. She says they are all she has in this world. Her husband died a long time ago and she literally has no one else. I don't know why they are so against her being baptized but it broke my heart to see her in that situation. She was so upset. She was shaking and sobbing and we all cried together. Her kids told her that she had to call them by a certain time that night and tell them her decision because they all live in Norway. She left really upset and crying and left her books and things behind. She walked out without saying anything so we took that as her answer. We were heart broken. She was so so excited to be baptized and I saw how happy it made her. She is an incredible women. Keep her in your prayers please!! I pray everyday her kids heart will be soften to allow her to be baptized.

Sorry to start off with such sad news but it affected our entire week. We were blessed with meeting one incredible girl this week though. Her name is Emona and she is awesome! She speaks 6 languages and says english is most comfortable for her. Which is great for me! ha ha I met her on the street and was able to teach her the first lesson on Saturday. She came to church on Sunday and loved it! She was answering all the questions in class and everything. She's already started reading in the Book of Mormon and says she really likes it. I'm really excited for her! We were very blessed to find her.

So right now I am in Sofia because I had to come in to the capital to do some passport work. It's about a 6 hour drive to get here, but it's not too bad. All the sisters are going to be here for passport work as well so I'm super excited to see all of them! We are going to have a little party as sisters! It's nice to have a break from all the elders all the time ha ha.

So I can't believe that March is already almost over. March is a fun month here in Bulgaria because they have holidays the whole month. Bulgaria has SO MANY holidays. It's really funny and they all get really really into it. They even have something called name days where a certain day of the year is your name day.. if you have that name and you give out presents to other people on your name day. It's really fun. I think I'm going to start making my own name day now! ha ha it'll be great! They also celebrate women's day on March 8th and women get flowers all day long! ha ha Here if you are going to give flowers to someone you carry them upsidedown and if you received the flowers then you carry them right side up. I like it! I think we should start doing that little tradition as well.

Well things are still going well here in Varna. Transfers are coming soon and I'm sad to have Sister Loss leave and all the fun elders in my district! I get the feeling I'll be staying in Varna, but who knows eh!? Alright well I can't remember what else I was going to tell you so that's it for now!



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