Friday, February 25, 2011

Lottery Numbers, Anyone?

HELLO family!!

So so sorry I didn't have time to write you a main email last week. I was just writing away to friends and then suddenly I was out of time. We really dont' have that much time to email here. So SORRY! But I realized I wasn't telling you very much about what I do here and what is going on so I'm going to be more descriptive this time. So this week has been good! We have been working hard and had some fun times.

So we do different things to find people here than on most missions because it's hard to find people who are interested here. We do something called street boarding (I know I thought it involved a skateboard of some kind at first too! Sadly... no) ha ha We stand out on the glov (which is like an outside shopping place...ish where it's a street but just for people to walk in and then with shops and stuff on the sides too. ANyway, we get a board with some kind of info on the BOM or plan of salvation or what not and stand there and tell people about it as they walk by and try to get people interested. Another thing we do is called surveying where we have a survey with ?'s asking if they believe in god or what not and then we give them a little message about the church and try to see if they are more interested. Then another thing we do to find is we teach free english lessons twice a week. That is actually really fun to do and we have some interesting people in our class ha ha but I enjoy it and even though and really don't know what I'm talking about it's still fun. Last week we tried getting them to make the "th" sound with their mouths because they never do that here and it's really funny to see them try to do it. ha ha they can't say words like health, or with (Joseph Smith is Joseph Smit here ha ha) It's great. Also, we do the usual tracting and contacting but we also have letters of recommendation that a member wrote and we make those up and deliver them to people's mailboxes and then return later to see if they got it and to see if they are interested or have more questions. Anyway, when we aren't teaching lessons we are usually doing some sort of finding activity. I don't enjoy finding very much, I'd much rather teach but I guess you have to find people in order to teach them! ha ha but it's good they are pretty fun still.

So anyway, this week we were tracting one night and we go to this door and this lady answers and says she's not interested and calls us a cult (just like everyone else! ha ha ) but then her husband comes to the door and starts talking to us.. well kinda... we couldn't understand his bulgarian OR his english. I have no idea what he was trying to say to us. Anyway, he's talking forever and we are answering questions and such and then suddenly he goes in and gets a paper and pen and starts telling us to give him 3 numbers each that he is going to enter into the lottery and WHEN he wins he will give half the money to the church. This guy was convinced that we would know the lottery numbers and could make him win. Ha ha it was so funny! We kept telling him we didn't want money... blah blah he still would not get off this lottery kick. We finally just left but it was really funny and kinda made my whole night because this guy was such a nut! ha ha People are kinda crazy here but it makes life fun for sure! ( I also think he was really drunk...)

So this week we had Zone Conference which is why my p-day was thursday last week. The conference was really fun! We had all the elders there from the whole zone so that made the p-day really fun! I started playing basketball with all the elders and we were having tons of fun. Well they started talking a bunch of smack on me cause I was the only girl so I got competitive and just had to win, so I kicked their butts! ha ha it was great! Really it was just luck that I made all those shots but I won't tell them that! deeh!! :) We then watched Toy Story 3 cause we are allowed to watch disney movies and such on p-days which is AWESOME!!!

Oh by the way dad, I got your letters that you sent on Friday if that gives y
ou an idea of about how long they take to get here. I don't think it took too long to get to the mission home but then I have to wait until someone from the mission home like the APs or someone is able to bring them out here to Varna because we are on the other end of the country. But anywho good news is I did get them!

SO funny story (if you get grossed out easily, then you should stop reading now and move onto the next paragraph... just warning you...) So for the last three weeks I have had this big narly nasty ingrown toenail that has gotten all infected and swollen and it hurts to walk or to run or anything. So I was soaking my foot like twice a day everyday with epsom salt stuff to try to help it and really it was just getting worse. SO this guy comes into english on Saturday and says he is a doctor and was wondering if anyone had anything wrong that he could help. SO sister Loss tells him about my toe and he wants to see it. I show it to him and he's all like I can fix it!! ( keep in mind he doesn't speak english and I don't speak bulgarian!) So he starts rubbing my ankle because he didn't understand that it was my TOE not my ankle! ha ha we finally show it to him and after a few more tries he finally gets it. Then he asked for a pair of scissors so we get them and there he goes right in the church trying to fix my infected toe with a pair of dirty, HUGE scissors with his dirty little hands. OH man it was so funny and it REALLY killed! Well long story short, he really didn't do much and it really didn't help much at all but I pretended like it did so he would stop trying ha ha anyway, I got an idea from him and that night I performed surgery on my toe at home and had Sister Loss help me (I know poor girl!) ha ha it was really funnny. But my toe is feeling better after my little surgery so hopefully I won't have to do it again and I can heal up just nicely! I was able to go running on it today so that's good news!

Okay, enough of that. Well I don't have much else to say. Hopefully this gives you a little more of an idea of what I'm doing over here in Bulgaria! I've been super busy and it feels like we don't have time to breathe! The good news is I am sleeping a lot better because I come home so tired that I just can't wait to go to bed! So that's great! things are going great though! We met with a new member named Rodka last night and seriously this girl is amazing. She's one of my best friends out here. I adore her. Well we met with her and her brother last night and she's been really worried about him because he is really against the church but she really wants him to look into it. Anyway, he ended up sitting in on our lesson and it was AMAZING! Like seriously it was exactly what he needed to hear and he was way involved and we really got him thinking, touching straight to the heart. The spirit was so strong. It was awesome! (and in english so I could help! ha ha) anyway, it was amazing and I"m excited to hear what happens with that later.

Well I love you tons and hope all is going well! MIss you!! I hope you are having fun with Rodent being home! MEOW!!


For those of you who may not know... RACHEL is home from serving her mission in New York!! Rachel is giving her homecoming talk this Sunday February 27 at 11:00am in the Oakforest building. It's gonna be good! So be there.

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