Monday, May 30, 2011


Alright.. Hello family once again!

So it's only been a few days since I last wrote you because we had a p day on Thursday last week and now it's only monday and we have another one! YAY! But somehow it's felt like I haven't written to you in over a week. Anyway, the reason for having p day on Thursday last week was because we had Zone Conference on Friday. It was really good! I loved it! We had some good lessons from Sister Roth and President Roth and the Zone Leaders and AP's also gave some really good lessons for it. I always love the Zone Conferences that we have. They really encourage me to keep going and keep trying.

On Thursday we had all the elders from the cities around here come in for the Zone Conference so we all spent p day together. It was really fun! We went to this little carnival thing in the sea gardens (I think I've told you before what those are) and we went mini golfing and played on the bumper cars! ha ha it was really fun and my neck is still sore from the bumper cars! I also got to play some football with some of the elders and that was the best! I've really missed football! We looked very American though.. ha ha oh well we always stick out here as being American.

Last night we went with Elder Racker and his companion to Radka's house for a dinner appointment. It was really fun and I realized just how much I'm going to miss her when I have to leave Varna. She is an incredible girl. We had a really neat lesson with her last week on the beach watching the Black Sea. It was way cool! Oh and I forgot! We put on this big devotional thing on Saturday night all about Joseph Smith! We did a slide show with candles representing Christ and His apostles and read scriptures telling about His life and crucifixion to lead into the apostasy and from there we led it into the restoration to talk about Joseph Smith and we showed the Joseph Smith movie afterwards. It turned out really well and our investigator Ogie was there with his wife so I think that was really cool for them to see.

The weather here as turned from nice and warm to intensely humid and hot! I can't walk outside for more than two minutes without feeling like I need to shower again! Hopefully that's only going to last this week.. but I doubt it! Bulgaria gets pretty hot in the summer so here it comes!
Anyway, I think that's about it for now! I love you! Enjoy all the rain you are getting! Go out and play in some mud just for me ;)


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