Saturday, May 28, 2011

сърдечни поздрави от

Hello Family!

So I'm sorry that I didn't write you to on Monday. We have p-day on Thursday this week because we have Zone Conference tomorrow. I am really excited for it! Anyway, this has been a great week! I can't remember exactly why it's been a great week because I can't remember everything that I was going to tell you, but just know that it was great! ha ha The end of the transfer is coming up and I was super sad to be leaving Varna because I knew I would be leaving. I have already been here for 4 months and it's not very common to stay any longer than that. I thought for sure I would be going to a city called Starzagora with Sister Rodgers. Starzagora is in the middle of the country and it gets really hot there in the summer! Well I found out yesterday that Sister Rodgers is actually going home this week because she is having back problems and they decided it would be better to just send her home. She was way sad and I feel really bad for her. This means that there will have to be three sisters in a companionship this next transfer and it will likely be in Varna because this apartment is the only one with three beds. So that means I have a good chance of staying here in Varna again for another transfer and being with Sister Orr again which would rock cause I love her! But we'll see! Who knows what will really happen. It'll be interesting this transfer.

So the weather here has been really hot this week! It hasn't been raining as much so I haven't been able to go out and start playing in it... hee hee :) anyway, it's been about 25 degrees here most days which is about 87 F so it's been pretty warm but I know it'll get a lot hotter as the summer goes on. It's been beautiful though! I love being by the beach... well most of the time. It gets a little hard in the summer time because people decide that they don't have to wear clothes on the beach.. or walking to or from the beach.. or really at all. So yeah. Not pleasant but what can you do?! It's Europe!

So we've been continuing to meet with Emona and she has started to come with us out contacting! It's really fun to have her there especially cause she can actually speak the language! ha ha but she's already being a missionary and it's awesome! She said the other day that my accent was worse than the greenie that just got here.... that was humbling! ha ha I guess I need to work a little harder at the language! It's coming.. slowly! ha ha

Our investigator Ogie has been doing really well and brought his wife to the mission tour last week so that was really cool! It was awesome to meet her and I am really excited for both of them. They both are actually in New York right now because their son lives there and they went out to visit him. So we won't be able to see them for a couple of weeks but I am excited for them.
Anyway, I can't remember what else I was going to tell you about this week.. oh dad you asked about the pictures I sent last week of us in the flowers. That was on the way to Sofia from Varna. Bulgaria really is really beautiful in the summer time. There are just huge fields of flowers all over the place. We passed fields like that the whole way over to Sofia. I'm excited for later in the summer because they get huge fields of sunflowers all over the place. I can't wait to see that. The country side here is gorgeous! I love when we can escape from the city for a little bit and see the beautiful country side! Well I love you tons! And miss you all!!

всичко хубаво!

Сестра Чайлд

PS the subject says "hearty greetings from Varna!" ha ha I just thought it sounded cheesy so I had to put it :)

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