Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sketchy Stuff

Hello Family!

Okay so this has been a bit of a crazy week full of lots of funny stories and adventures!! So I'm just going to tell you some of the fun stories that have happened from this week

First off, the weather this week has been really up and down. Sometimes it has been really warm.. (almost too warm! but I love it!) and other times it has been raining and hailing and thundering.. all that jazz. Well so the other day it just started to pour like no other! You wouldn't believe how much water there was running down the streets and flooding everything! (plus they don't really have gutters here so that didn't help) It was nuts and there was so much water and hail...... so naturally I got really really excited and just couldn't help but go out and play in the rain!! Luckily, my companion is the same way as I am and we both just went out and played in the rain! We were soaked but oh man it was so much fun!! I love the rain! I have attached a picture for your enjoyment :)

Oh and to add to that... I also got really sunburned this week on the sunny days!! ha ha fun stuff..

Anyway, another day Sister Orr and I happen to be sitting on our coach eating when we looked out the window and I got this sudden urge to bark... so I did! I started barking out the window and Sister Orr thought it was hilarious so I taught her how to do it and now she it a natural! ha ha She's loves barking out our window now and well.. people think we're nuts but what else is new.

We had to travel to Sofia this week because we both had some passport work to do so that was two days of traveling and that is why I am writing you today instead of on Monday. We had a lot of fun in Sofia and it's always fun to see people when we go out there. The traveling gets really exhausting though because it's 7 hours in and 7 hours back the next day... so yeah lots of fun! But we had some fun seeing the beautiful country side on the way. Bulgaria really is a beautiful country and I love seeing the sights out here.

We are still meeting with Emona all the time and we had a really good lesson with her on Sunday. I cooked us all dinner (yes that's right I cooked! I know amazing eh!) and we had a really fun lesson after wards. I love seeing her progress! In fact I have an appointment with her in a few minutes so I have to go , but I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Enjoy the pics and know that I am always praying for you!


PS I'm sorry this email was a little scattered......MEOW!!

PSS Another funny story... Sister Orr and I are convinced our landlord is in the mafia here!! ha ha sketchy stuff I tell ya!!

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