Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mission Tour

So this has been a pretty good week. We had a big mission tour this week with the area president, President Schwitzer and his wife. He is a member of the second quorum of the seventy. He is a really cool guy. We had a zone conference with them on Thursday and it was really good. I really really enjoyed the whole thing. He talked a lot on repentance and teaching that to our investigators and how we are here to change lives and to touch the hearts of the people. He was a really good teacher and I loved the whole thing! I played a musical piece on the piano for the conference and President and Sister Roth talked as well. The whole thing was very uplifting and very motivating.

Let's see.. what else. Emona is doing very well since her baptism. She is very happy and I love being able to meet with her still. She continues to progress and I just love her. She makes my days a lot better when I get to teach her and spend time with her. She is one incredible girl! We are still continuing to teach Radka each week and we've also starting having a weekly language study hour with her so she can help me with my Bulgarian! ha ha because really I need it! I love Radka though and I really enjoy the lessons we are able to have with her. She is such a new member but she is so spiritually mature. It's incredible!

Anyway, last monday we spent our p-day in a city called Balchik. It's a way pretty city right on the black sea and we had a lot of fun! I'll send some pictures of it with this email. We got to each lunch at a restaurant right on the sea and we hiked around some mountains and looked at all the cute little shops. It was a fun day. Oh ha ha so funny story..... the other day guess what happend!? Racker's companion got pooped on by a bird!! hee hee hee and then right as they were coming back to the church after changing his shirt, Racker got pooped on too!! ha ha ha I know it's sad but I couldn't help but laugh! They all made fun of me for getting pooped on so many times, it's about time that it happens to somebody else!!

Oh and the sad news for the week... I found out this week that my favorite food out here.. called Lutanitsa (I don't know how to spell it in english) it's like a red sauce thing that you can eat on bread and such... anyway, I'm basically addicted to it! Well I eat it a lot and this last week I had no money so I didn't eat any cause I couldn't afford to buy any and it was the first time that I wasn't sick.. turns out the Lutanitsa makes me sick to my stomach! I had some yesterday and got sick again! grunt. I'm quite sad that I made that discovery! Oh well Guess I just can't eat it anymore! ha ha

anyway, that's all for this week. I love you all and hope you are doing well! MEOW!


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